The Difference Between American and European Showline German Shepherds

The West European Show Line

European Showline Shepherds are shorter and stockier than their American counterparts. The European Shepherd also has more of an emphasis on temperament when it comes to breeding. There are high standards and regulations regarding health, conformation, and temperament in Europe that a German Shepherd must meet in order to be allowed to breed. Because of this, the cost of a European German Shepherd plus the price to import to the U.S. is considerably more expensive than the cost of an American German Shepherd. This does not guarantee that all European German Shepherds raised within the states are well-bred, but the average European Shepherd is of considerably higher quality than the average American Shepherd.

For the full European Showline German Shepherd Standard, click here

west european showline german shepherd examples

The American Line

The American German Shepherd’s coat is usually tan or silver and black. There are also white shepherds allowed in the breed standard. The AKC German Shepherd breed standard was originally developed almost by personal preference in regard to physique. The shows do not focus equally on temperament as in Europe.

The American German Shepherd is much more common and less expensive in the U.S. Unfortunately, the easy accessibility often leads to irresposible breedings. While there are well-bred American lines, often the American shepherd has personality and conformation far from the standards. Health issues and unsound temperaments also arise because of careless breeding.

For the full AKC German Shepherd Standard, click here

american AKC showline german shepherd examples